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          As a poet and a former miner, whose work deals with questions of identity, it is perhaps not surprising that Herr Bernig has established links with Wales.

          Picture:  约尔格bernig  ©Ilka Meffert

          约尔格bernig came to work in the 德系 in the early 1990s, just after the fall of the Berlin Wall.  Before that he was a uranium miner in East Germany and also served in the East German army.  He studied English and German literature at Leipzig and Berlin. 



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          Herr Bernig’s visit, which is supported by the German Academic Exchange Service, (DAAD), involves a series of activities with students, staff and the wider community, including: 

          •    Poetry translation workshops and readings for staff and students
          •    Public reading of his work, and launch of new work 花天使船, Noah’s Yard, Uplands (13 November)
          •    Attending translation classes 和学生活动

          Picture: 约尔格bernig giving a reading   © Konrad Adenauer Stiftung Riga, Lettland/Latvia

          约尔格bernig 说过:

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          While I'm in Swansea I'm hoping to be able to work on projects I've started. Also to sharpen my ear for homegrown poetry. I'm hoping for chance encounters, that someone, or maybe some text I read will say to me: 'Hey you, listen!'"

          博士布里吉德海恩斯, Reader in German in the Department of Languages,Translation and Communication, 说过:


          More information on 约尔格bernig – German-language site

          Ten reasons to study German 

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